About Streetlife Cycles

Based in Norwich, Streetlife offer a wealth of experience in all areas of cycling and accessories as well as spares and repairs. One of the key things you will find speaking to the staff at Streetlife is one thing they all have in common is their passion for cycling. From off-road, road, racing or just fooling around, not to mention getting to work or carting stuff from A to B. They stock a large selection of the main brands as well as some great up and coming ones and certainly can cater for all your needs no matter how diverse your requirements. Another great asset to the shop is that they are able to accept all forms of cycle to work scheme vouchers even scheme vouchers from Halfords and Evans.

Streetlife Cycles
54 West End Street

Tel 01603 626660

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 9.00am-5.30pm Thurs-6.30pm


If you have been looking for a reason to get a bike for fitness or to upgrade your old faithful then what better excuse!  Streetlife carry a large range of bikes for any discipline at a wide range of price points.  There is a massive choice of bikes on the market today and it can be a little overwhelming, for this reason we fully recommend a visit to Streetlife to speak through some options as all staff are cyclists and have a wealth of knowledge about whats suitable for your requirements and can help you with your choice.  Streetlife is one of those hidden gems of a family owned independent cycle shop where they sell you what you need rather than what they want to sell.


The condition of your tyres can play a massive part on your days enjoyment.  Firstly then need to be of a type of tyre that suits the conditions you will be using them in.  For most of its impossible to have a team of pros ready to change our tyres as the road and conditions change so generally an all purpose and durable puncture proof tyre is the best compromise.  Now that the P word has been uttered… if your tyres are of an age that they have started cracking and showing signs of continued wear then it would be a very good idea to replace them before returning to the saddle so your not stopping to fix a puncture every 5 minutes!.


If your looking to spend some money on upgrading your bike but don’t feel a new bike is justified then improving the wheels can be a very good place to start.  Wheels are one of the key components on your bike and ideally they need to be very smooth to spin and offer as little resistance in moving forward as possible to ensure you can cycle as efficiently as possible.  We have enough elements to battle at times with our weather and varying road surfaces so improving the areas that we are in control of can make a big difference.

Bike Computers / GPS

Its always nice and rewarding to see what you have achieved on a ride and also some like to see their performance during the ride.  There are many gadgets available now which can help you with navigation or to view the performance of your ride at what ever speed your comfortable with.  Streetlife carry stock a range of GPS and non GPS computers and will be able to advise depending on your requirements.


Its always advisable to make sure your self sufficient incase of any problems and you get stranded in what can be remote conditions.  Spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a pump are some of the most essential items but other items such as multi tools are also a good idea.  Keep an eye on things like brake block wear as well as making sure your chain is well lubricated and in good condition.  If your not familiar with how to do this its a good idea to get your bike serviced once a year just to make sure everything is running smoothly.