Training & Preparation

Over the coming weeks we will be providing all the information you need to train for the event.  We will be giving tips and advice for all levels of ability to help you do your best on the day.


We have teamed up with OTE Sports, one of the leading nutritional providers within active sport, who are dedicated to making sure that riders are aware of the importance of nutrition and how it can have an effect on performance.  We will be providing a range of information showing the areas that nutrition can aid your preparation and also your recovery.

Cycle Specific Clothing

An area that is often overlooked but possible one of the most important and most “sensitive areas”.  One item of clothing that mosts cyclists would not be without is a good pair of padded shorts.  We will talk about the various options available and what a difference they can make.

Your Bike

If you have a bike that has been gathering dust in the shed then its best to have a think if its going to be suitable for any kind of distance.  If you decide it might be time to treat yourself then there are plenty of options out there.  If you already have a bike then we also have some useful tips on some areas to consider.

Our Partners