The Routes

Each loop has a mix of scenery, terrain and roads. Main roads have been avoided as much as possible although it is necessary to cross A roads on all of the loops.

Some sections of each loop are quite narrow, twisty and may possibly be a little rough or gravelly – we think this is a small price to pay for virtually traffic free roads – but please be prepared to ride in single file and in smaller groups on these sections. Other sections are wider and straighter and you will be able to comfortably ride 2 abreast and in larger groups.

All the loops have been ridden at least once to get them as close to 25 miles as practical and to be as certain as possible that the best choice of roads has been made. There are a host of route options from Blickling and there are only short sections close to event HQ where the same roads will be ridden more than once.

After detailed inspection of our trusty maps, each loop has been named after a hamlet or woodland which it passes through or is close by. All loops go close to hamlets called Little London … but that would have just been confusing!

Why three short loops?

We hope this format will offer flexibility and make the event accessible to all levels of rider. Particularly, where teams are made up of riders of differing ability. A team of four, may choose to ride the first 25 miles together and then split up for the next loop(s). Or they may decide to send the fit / fast ones out for a couple of loops and then all ride the final loop together.

The format also works well for riders who have entered solo – everyone can decide on the day how far to ride. And, if the weather changes or riders experience a wardrobe malfunction they can nip back to their car between laps and add / deduct layers!

Riders can choose to ride any combination of the three loops – the only thing we ask is that there are ridden in numerical order as this will allow us to manage mechanical assistance and first aid cover more effectively.

Returning to Event HQ after each loop also makes rider re-fuelling simple and effective!

There will be a first aid station at HQ as well as mobile units around the course so any medical issues can be attended to and maybe even a light massage from the sports science guys to help keep the legs spinning!

On the Day

We will be adding gps files for those of you that wish to use them and will also have some printed out maps available on the day as well as all routes being clearly marked.  All of this is to ensure that we keep you on track so you can just turn up and enjoy the day.

NEW FOR 2016 Big C Anniversary Loop

New for 2016 to celebrate 35 years of Big C we have added a 3.5km off road loop.  This is perfect for any ability offering a traffic free route with stunning views of Blickling Estate.  So if your loved one is riding 25 / 50 or 75 miles on the road and you don’t want to be left out or you have some eager children then this the perfect way to be involved in the day.  No entry charge will be made to ride the loop but we will be taking donations which will go directly to Big C.

The loop follows a stunning route through the Estate with fantastic views of Blickling Hall from across the lake.  The track follows a hard surface path for all-weather use with no steep hills making it suitable for all.  If if you need a rest then there are plenty of seats with amazing views to take in.