British Cycling offer a massive amount of help and resources to all UK cyclists in their Insight Zone. However you ride your bike and whatever your ability, you will find comprehensive advice to help improve your riding. Whether you need tips on how to warm up like Wiggo, a little understanding on good training food or the ins and outs of riding in a group, they can help.

You can find the very latest advice from coaches and technical staff at British Cycling. Members have full access to the Insight Zone, including our nine month sportive training plans and comprehensive technique videos. We have a few articles below to get you started but if your a British Cycling member then you can view all the information including some great training plans to help you achieve your goals whatever they might be.

If your not a member then there are many benefits onto of this great resource of information. To find out more on becoming a British Cycling member please click here.

About British Cycling

British Cycling is the national governing body for cycling as recognised by the UCI – the international federation for the sport.

As such, British Cycling works across all levels and six disciplines of the sport (BMX, Mountain Bike, Cyclo-Cross, Road, Track and Cycle Speedway), from providing the support and encouragement people need to get riding their bikes for the first time, to being home to the hugely successful Great Britain Cycling Team.

Continued success at the highest level is inspiring a boom in participation across the nation. There have never been more opportunities to ride a bike, be it for fun or sport and British Cycling is at the heart of this growth. British Cycling also works hard to represent cyclists’ interests at all levels, including campaigning on important issues including road safety.

As a membership organisation, British Cycling provides a suite of benefits and support to its members, with all membership revenue invested back into cycling.

The breadth of British Cycling’s work is testimony to our status as the only organisation that works across all levels of cycling – from the playground to the podium. Whether people are looking to get on a bike for the first time, wanting to find great places to ride, seeking to enter a sportive or race, or needing tips from the pros on riding safely and keeping their bike in top shape, British Cycling is with them every step of the way.

Training Advice and Tips


British Cycling’s Insight Zone gives you the essential knowledge on all cycling techniques from the world’s best cycling coaches. The Insight Zone gives you the knowledge to improve your cycling technique in all cycling disciplines including Road Racing, Sportive, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Bike, BMX, Track, and Cycle Speedway.

Visiting the Insight Zone on the British Cycling website will give you access to the massive depth of cycling technique knowledge so that you can have the sprinting technique of Mark Cavendish, know how to ride in a group like Sir Bradley Wiggins, climb hills like Chris Froome, and descend like Geraint Thomas.  Shown below are some articles to give you a taster of some of the useful information available.


The Basics: Gear Selection

Knowing how to change gear effectively and maintain an efficient…

Group riding guide

If you’re not used to riding in a large group, rolling away…

What to expect on a club run

Many riders are put off joining a cycling club by tales or hard…

Basic rules of the road

Whenever you cycle on the road, it’s vital that you obey the…

Physical Preperation

Knowing how to prepare for a cycling event can be confusing and hard. British Cycling’s Insight Zone gives you the best resource on how to improve your cycling fitness. From our experts you’ll learn about training plans, recovering after rides, and planning for performance.

The British Cycling training plans will give you the knowledge so you can build the fitness to get the most out of your cycling. Recover optimally from your training with routines supplied by our Insight Zone experts Nigel Mitchell and Phil Burt, making sure you can ride longer and stay stronger.  Visit the Insight Zone to see the complete range of training plans and other useful information and advice from the experts.


In for the Long Haul

If you’re thinking about taking on the challenge of a sportive…

Why Train?

There are many reasons why people are taking up the British Cycling…

The Final Countdown

Building fitness and developing your bike handling skills are…

Sportives 101

What is a sportive? Why should you do one? What do you need to…

Indoor Trainers

During the winter, indoor trainers allow you to ride no matter…

Bored of the bike?

Whether you’re a seasoned clubman, a complete novice or hardened…

Equipment & Setup

Whether you’re a commuter, sportive rider, aspirant racer or seasoned pro, your bike is what makes you a cyclist. The British Cycling Insight Zone will guide you through the basics of bike anatomy, show you how to find your perfect position on the bike to maximise comfort and performance and how to maintain your bike to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

From fixing a flat tyre to indexing gears, British Cycling’s Insight Zone will show you how. We’ll also show you what to wear on the bike and the clothing and kit to choose to keep you riding through all four seasons but to get you started here are a few key articles.

Look After Your Chain

It's important to keep your bike clean and well maintained -…

Adjust Your Bike Saddle

For a comfortable and safe ride, it's important that your bike's…

Six Steps to a Cleaner Bike

It's much nicer working and riding on a clean bike than a dirty…

Puncture Prevention

The Weldtite Repair range helps get you back on the move after…

How to Repair a Puncture

This simple guide shows you the most efficient way of repairing…

Safety Check

It's very important that you regularly give your bike a once…

Essential Tools

Maintaining your own bike in a home workshop can add to the enjoyment…

Trail Essentials

When you’re out on a long ride the last thing you want is to…